Transwitch КТПВР «Т»
Transwitch КТПВР «Т»
JSC “LMZ Universal”
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Functions performed by the substation КТПВР:

  • protection against short circuit currents and overload of the primary winding of the power transformer;
  • thermal protection of the power transformer;
  • zero protection of HV and LV circuits;
  • protection against short circuit currents and overload of LV taps;
  • protection against phase imbalance of the supply voltage or loss of one of the phases of the LV taps;
  • current leakage protection and continuous monitoring of insulation resistance of at least 60 kOhm per phase for low-voltage taps (1140 V), with a total shutdown time of not more than 0.12 s with a symmetrical three-phase earth leakage, according to GOST 22929 – 78;
  • preventive control and blocking, which does not allow voltage to be applied to the LV taps when the insulation resistance drops below 100 kΩ at a voltage of 1140 V;
  • the possibility of checking the serviceability of protection devices against leakage currents without opening the doors of the substation;
  • protection against short circuit, breakage or increase in the resistance of the grounding circuit of the outgoing connection more than 50 Ohm;
  • possibility of remote control of low-voltage taps through the grounding circuit;
  • the ability to remotely turn off the switchgear of the high-voltage cell that feeds the substation using a control cable (control core);
  • the ability to connect gas protection (methane relay);
  • connection of electrical consumers at 127 V (lighting and mining drill / vulcanizer);
  • protection of 127 V taps against leakage currents and short circuits.
Parameter name Parameter value
Rated power 1 250 kVA 1 400 kVA 1 800 kVA
Rated primary voltage 6 000 V
Rated secondary voltage 1 200 V
Primary voltage regulation range ±5%
Rated primary current 120 А 134 А 173 А
Rated secondary current 600 А 672 А 865 А
Winding connection diagram Y/Δ-11
Insulation class for heat resistance H
Idle loss 2 100 W 2 900 W 3 200 W
Short circuit loss 6 300 W 7 500 W 8 200 W
Explosion protection type РВ Еxd I
Dimensions 2 450 mm
1 100 mm
1 400 mm
2 800 mm
1 200 mm
1 400 mm
2 800 mm
1 200 mm
1 400 mm
Total weight 5 850 kg 6 100 kg 7 600 kg
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