Flotation machines
Flotation machines
Unitary enterprise "Urechye Mechanical Plant"
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Flotation machines are designed to carry out the operation of separating sylvite and halite minerals by the flotation method, based on the different ability of these minerals to be fixed on the interfacial surface.
Sylvin particles are fixed on air bubbles and carried to the surface of the pulp, forming a layer of mineralized foam – a concentrate.
Halite particles – flotation tailings are subjected to dehydration and stored in salt dumps.
The flotation process consists of main, control and concentrating operations.
The concentration process in the machine proceeds as follows: the initial slurry enters the loading pocket by gravity, from where it is sucked in by the impeller through the supply pipe and ejected into the head chamber of the machine.
Starting from the second chamber, the slurry is pumped by the impeller from the under-foam layer through the slot into the circulation pocket, circulation pipe, stator pipe and again enters the impeller. Air is sucked into the air intake from the atmosphere.
When moving along the machine, useful material is extracted from the pulp in each chamber.
Having reached the last chamber, the pulp enters the discharge pocket through the gate opening, the sands are unloaded through the sand opening.

Parameter name Parameter value
ФМ-6,3 ФМ-7,3
Chamber capacity, m3 6,3 7,3
Throughput, m3/min, no more 12,6 14,6
Power of the electric motor for driving the impeller unit to the chamber, kW, not more than 30 37
Rotation frequency of the impeller unit, rpm 250 270
Impeller diameter, mm 750 750
Dimensions of two-chamber section, mm, no more
– length 4 400 4 400
– width 2 820 72 924
– height 2 770 3 023
Pulp, РН 6-7 6-7
Weight of two-chamber section (intermediate) with electric motors, kg, no more 7 350 8 755
Average full resource of the impeller and stator, h, not less than 8 500 8 500
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