Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic cylinders
Branch of UPE "Niva" - "Mining Equipment Plant"
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Export sales department:
  • Hydraulic cylinders manufactured by Niva-Holding are used in the mining industry, in heavy engineering, in metallurgy, in lifting and transport equipment, and in road construction equipment. There is experience in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders for construction, agricultural and marine equipment.
  • The company uses long products (steel 35, steel 30KhGSA), honed pipes (St52, St52.3, StE460), chrome-plated rods (Ck45, St52.3, 20Mn/6, Ck55, 42CrMo4), sealing elements Dozut, Economos, Hallite. On the working surface of rods with a diameter of up to 370 mm and a length of up to 2000 mm, made from long products after hardening HDCh 40 … 53 HPC to a depth of 0.6 … 24…50 microns or KhmolKhtv with a total thickness of 50 microns. On high-precision equipment, hydraulic cylinder liners with a diameter of up to 400 mm and a length of up to 3500 mm are manufactured.
  • Repair of the inner surface of the cylinder liner is carried out by rolling to the repair size.
  • The company successfully uses Ekonomos equipment for the production of seals by turning using the SEAL-JET technology, which makes it possible to manufacture seals of any profile and size within 1 hour in strict accordance with the operating conditions, while using high-quality materials precisely matched to these conditions.
  • All hydraulic cylinders are 100% factory tested in accordance with GOST and test program.
  • Quality control is carried out at all stages of production, but the main emphasis is on three main stages: input control of purchased components, manufacturing control and testing of the finished product.
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