Pump stations
Pump stations
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СНН pumping stations are designed to supply working fluid to hydraulic systems of mechanized supports of cleaning complexes in mines and coal mines, including those hazardous for gas and dust.

The electrical equipment of the station consists of mass-produced electrical products designed to work in mines and coal mines, hazardous in terms of gas and dust.
At the request of the customer, pumping stations can be equipped with an automation system with a control unit.

Package includes:

  • installation for the preparation of the emulsion (optional);
  • hydraulic tank (with a drain line filter and a pneumohydroaccumulator unit);
  • pumping unit – 2 pcs.;
  • discharge line filter (with backwash);
  • main pressure hose line diam. 25;
  • main drain hose line diam. 32;
  • spare parts set;
  • a set of tools and accessories, operational documentation.

The control unit performs the following functions:

  • Tracking the pressure in the line at a given level;
  • Pressure regulation;
  • Monitoring the status of nodes;
  • Display of current information about the pumping station on the screen for visual control on site and transmission of data to the dispatcher on the surface.
Parameter name Parameter value
СНН 150/30 СНН 200/32 СНН 320/32
Nominal flow, l/min 160 200 320
Outlet pressure, MPa:
max 32 32 32
min 12 20 12
High pressure drop in the line during pump unloading, %, max 20 20 20
Rated power of the pump motor, kW 90 110 200
Power circuit voltage, V 1140/660
Specific power consumption for supplying 1 liter of working fluid, W min/l, not more than 563 560 445
Nominal tank capacity, l 2 000
Safety valve setting pressure, MPa 38
Lubrication pump pressure, MPa from 0,25 to 1,2
Working fluid temperature, °С from +5 to +50
Capacity of the pneumohydroaccumulator, l 32
Overall dimensions, no more than, mm 10 700
1 500
1 040
11 370
1 730
1 040
11 400
1 730
1 040
Weight, no more than, kg 5 800 6 500 6 800
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