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Automated drum continuous miner (CM) “KOBRA K6” is designed to expand the effective scope of mechanized ore mining in chambers and carry out workings in seams with a thickness of 1.7 … 2.0 m.

Parameter name Parameter value
Technical productivity with resistance of rocks to cutting Ар=450 N/mm2 (450 kg/cm2), t/min, not less 6,0
Mine working parameters:
Mine working shape Rectangular, type 1 Rectangular, type 1
height, m 1,7; 1,8 1,9; 2,0
width, m 3,2 3,2
sectional area, m2 5,45; 5,77 6,1; 6,4
Overall dimensions, mm:
length 12 230
width according to the cutting body 3 200
height on the body 1 505
The total rated power of the electric motors of the continuous miner (including the executive body), kW 594 (2×200)
Operating voltage, V 1 140
CM weight, t 79
Cutting body type Drum
Central drum diameter, mm 1 700; 1 800; 1 900; 2 000
Diameter and number of side drums, mm 850; 930; (4) 930; 1000; (4)
Frequency of rotation of the central drum, rpm 26,5
Frequency of rotation of side drums, rpm 61,9
Type of picks on the executive body РПС, РКС, Д6.22
The amount of lifting-lowering of the executive body relative to the bearing surface of the tracks, mm Up— 165; down— 120
Type of loading body Scraper conveyor with lift-and-turn tail
Working width of the conveyor, mm 740
Scraper installation step, mm 516
Scraper chain speed, m/s 1,4
Angle of rotation of the corner part in the horizontal plane, degrees ±25
Chassis type Caterpillar
Engine type Electric, with frequency regulation of electric motor speed and permanently closed hydraulic brake
Support surface length, mm 4 000
Distance between axes of caterpillars, mm 1 840
Track width, mm 425
CM speed, m/min 0,4…8,0
Feed rate control (CM) Stepless
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