Mine dump truck
Mine dump truck
Private enterprise "Plant of Mining Machinery"
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The mine dump truck is a dump truck of a special design. Designed for carrying out transport work in underground mine workings.
The operation of the machine is carried out outside the explosive zones of underground mines and passages, as well as in conditions of open-pit mining, tunnel construction, etc.

Parameter name Parameter value
Wheel formula 4х4
Operating weight, kg 28700
Weight full, kg 58700
Load capacity, kg, no more 30000
Mass distribution over axles, kg:
on front axle 20750±250
on rear axle 7950±250
on front axle 28300±200
on rare axle 30400±300
Load capacity, kg, no more 30000
Body capacity, m3:
geometric 12
nominal 14,9
Maximum travel speed, km/h 40
Recommended operating speed according to the load on the tires at full weight, km/h 20
Gear speed, km/h:
1st gear 6,8
2nd gear 12,2
3rd gear 21,6
4th gear 38,4
Engine Volvo TAD 1352VE 315kW (4258 hp) at 1900 min-1
Maximum torque at 1200 min1, Nm 2175
Environmental class Tier III
Exhaust system catalytic converter + muffler with built-in flame arrester
Torque converter “DANA SOH” CL 8612
Transmission “DANA SOH” 6421
Leading axles “Kessler” D 91
Frame Articulated, frame folding angle ± 44°
front axle Balanced ± 8°
rear axle Rigid
Tiers 26,5-25″
Steering Hydraulic with hydraulic feedback. Articulated frames are rotated by two double-acting hydraulic cylinders. The angle of rotation of the front and rear frames is 44 ° ± 10 relative to the longitudinal axis in each direction
Brake systems:
working Multi-disc cooled oil bath brakes with spring braking and hydraulic braking (POSI-STOP)
parking Multi-disc cooled oil bath brakes with spring braking and hydraulic braking (POSI-STOP)
Electrical equipment 24V
Cabin Single, open/closed
Performance indicators:
The forces developed by the lifting cylinders 723,8
Body lifting time, s, no more 14
Body lowering time, s, no more 7,5
Body elevation angle, degrees 63±2
Length 9920
Width 2700
Cabin height 2600
Maximum height with body raised 5410
Dump height 700
Turning radius outer 8470
Turning radius inner 4725
Base 5200
Clearance 420
Hydraulic system pressure:
-steering 170
-body lifting 180
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