UPE “Niva” Romanovicha S.G. Soligorsky rayon
UPE “Niva” Romanovicha S.G. Soligorsky rayon

UNP: 600320994UNP
Director: Alexander Romanovich
Contact phone.: +375 (174) 26 98 03
Address: 223710, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Soligorsk, st. Zavodskaya, 4
About the company 

Unitary Production Enterprise “Niva” Romanovicha S.G. Soligorsky rayon was established on 30.12.1996 , and is the management company of “Niva-Holding”

The founder of UPE “Niva” Romanovicha S.G. Soligorsky rayon is Sergey Romanovich. Director General is  — Alexander Romanovich.

The enterprise as a managing company of the holding:
  • Acts on behalf of the holding’s participants in relations concerning  the foundation and activity of the corporate group;
  • Carries out a coordinated financial, investment and production policy of the holding, including determining  the procedure for conducting centralized purchases, distribution of raw materials, parts and components, sale of finished products, organization of marketing, logistics and other activities;
  • Develops strategies and (or) plans for the long-term development of the holding;
  • Pursues a policy aimed at increasing the output of competitive products and expansion of its supplies to foreign markets;
  • Accumulates financial resources for investing in the most promising areas of holding development;
  • Carries out modernization and technical re-equipment of existing production facilities and development of new technologies by the holding participants;
  • Provides centralized corporate management of the participants (subsidiaries) of the holding, carries out possessory supervision over the financial and economic activities of the participants (subsidiaries of the corporate group, shares (stakes in authorized funds) of which are in property of the enterprise and established by the holding’s management company unitary enterprises.
UPE “Niva” Romanovicha S.G. has the following structural subdivisions (branches):
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