Corporate sports
Corporate sports

Physical education and  sports play an important role in maintaining health, team building, and the formation of important personal qualities of a person. Therefore, we support the sports programs organized by the holding’s enterprises in  every possible way, and encourage the sports initiatives of employees.

Our corporate sport is interesting and diverse. Регулярно проводятся спортивные праздники, фестивали спортивных игр, легкоатлетические илыжные турниры, организуются межцеховые спартакиады, победители которых направляются для участия врегиональные соревнованиях. Sports holidays, festivals of sports games, athletics and skiing tournaments are regularly held, interdepartmental sports days are organized, the winners of which are sent to participate in regional competitions. The employees of the holding are given the opportunity to visit swimming pools, gyms and sport sections.

The practice of organizing sports and leisure events dedicated to holiday dates is widespread: New Year, Metallurgist’s Day, Machine Builder’s Day, Builder’s Day. Employees of enterprises, especially young people, with pleasure take part in summer and and winter hiking trips and rallies, rafting on rivers.

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