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Based on the accumulated experience and continuous improvements, highly efficient control equipment has been created, which has a high degree of safety and reliability with a long service life:

  • pilot control units;
  • pilot-type control units with multi-hose;
  • control units of manual type;
  • limit pressure valves;
  • check and controlled check valves;
  • electrohydraulic control unit;
  • irrigation system.

The electro-hydraulic control system was developed jointly with Marco (Germany). On the basis of cartridge-and-block technology with a large throughput, it provides a high speed of movement of the support with full or partial automation of the process, a slight loss of pressure and ease of operation and maintenance:

  • Remote Control;
  • hydraulic block;
  • hydraulically operated check valves;
  • safety and check valves;
  • sensors for pressure, inclination, vibration, advance measurement, etc.;
  • filters;
  • system of cable connectors and hydraulic hoses;
  • network power supply;
  • explosion-proof РС.

All hydraulic control equipment is tested in a specialized laboratory, the conditions of which are as close as possible to operational ones.

Parameter name Parameter value
Category of mines by gas and dust Any
Working pressure, MPa 25–32
Working fluid Oil-in-water emulsion with an additive concentration of 3–5%
Safety valve setting pressure, MPa 25–60
Conditional passage of the supply line DN 20–25
Flow rate l/min:
manual control 140; 80
pilot control 200; 140
electro-hydraulic control 200; 250
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