Strategy of our companies is a strategy for growth, efficiency and implementation of high management standards. A lot of projects are carried out in the enterprises, taking part  in them will let you acquire rich experience and new knowledge. If  you are ambitious and  focused on  result, then   “Niva-Holding”  will let you realize your professional and  managerial capacity.

Advantages of work for “Niva-Holding”
Extensive social package

We do our best  to improve the quality of life of our employees and their families, by guaranteeing them a wide range of social benefits aimed at ensuring social stability and improving the quality of life. We pay a lot of attention to the health of our employees, create opportunities for them to do sports, organize their leisure and recreation.


Work experience in a reputable company will always be a significant plus. Nobody will will ask you what the company where you work is engaged in. Working for a known company fills you with pride, gives confidence ,  clients and  partners are treated with  great respect.

Opportunity for career growth

Niva pays great attention to the policy of internal growth employees, which allows you to interest an employee  in work in  our company, and  also improve their qualifications and share experience within  the holding.

Safe working conditions

Today,  Niva-Holding is implementing a whole range of measures. aimed at  compliance with the rules of fire safety and  labor protection. Particular attention is paid to conditions in which our specialists work. First of all, because the greatest value is a person, his/her life and  health.

Opportunities for learning, training and gaining experience.

Additional education and  qualifications are important components our corporate strategy. Professional and  personal development of each employee, based on his strengths are very important  for our company and not only at  early career. We believe, that continuing education is the key to our long-term success together.

Comfortable working conditions

A fully equipped workplace is not only for management employees, but also safe and modern working conditions at production sites.


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