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Mobile scraper conveyor is intended for transportation in mines of rock mass (ore, coal, shale) from mine workings to following vehicles.

  • Flight of the conveyor can be both direct and with transition pan bent to the left or right(in case of overload to another scraper conveyor nearby);
  • Conveyor can be used as a loader to the belt telescopic conveyor;
  • Conveyors are equipped with boards with a height specified in the terms of reference of the Customer;
  • On on the sides of the conveyor there can be a power train of a mechanized complex;
  • The conveyor drive unit is usually mounted on overpass;
  • Movement of conveyors (if necessary) is carried out using devices for moving conveyors of the type УПШ-1700, УПШ-1700-01, winches.

Parameter name Parameter value
Estimated productivity, t/h up to 3 500
Length, m up to 120
Speed of movement of the traction body, m/s up to 1,6
Traction body (chain, caliber) 30×108, 34×126, 38×137, 42×146, 48×156
Number of chains 1; 2
Pan height by side bars, mm up to 320
Pan length by side bars, mm 1 500
Mutual rotation angle in connection of pans, degrees, not more:
in horizontal plane 1,1
in vertical plane 4
Gear box, type Conical-cylindrical, conical-planetary
Coupling type Fluid coupling, flexible coupling
Electric motor, type Asynchronous three-phase  squirrel-cage explosion-proof
Maximum power of one drive unit, kW 400
Number of drives, pcs. 1; 2; 3; 4
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