Drilling rig СБШ-250-32 “UNIVERSAL”
Drilling rig СБШ-250-32 “UNIVERSAL”
JSC “LMZ Universal”
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Export sales department:
    Cone drilling rig СБШ-250-32 “Universal” is designed for drilling vertical and inclined (15˚ and 30˚ to the vertical) blast holes in open pit mining, and other drilling and blasting operations in rocks with a hardness factor of 8-18 (according to the scale of prof. Protodyakonov) in areas with a temperate climate.


  • A digital display block that provides control over 10 parameters that ensure the drilling process.
  • Cabinet of thyristor controllers for electric motors and rotator .
  • Compressor with a productivity of 32 m / min at 8 atm. (“Ukrrosmetall”, Sumy) Electrolux air conditioner
  • All technological processes: tool replacement, assembly (disassembly) of the drilling string, drilling are mechanized.

Main parts:

  • caterpillar track;
  • engine room;
  • cabin;
  • mast;
  • water container.

Contents of delivery:

  • Drilling rig.
  • Drilling rod ШМУ 203х38 – 4 pcs.
  • Power cable 200m long.
  • Portable heater – 2 pcs.
  • Welding rectifier.
  • Spare parts kit
Parameter name Parameter value
Dust suppression system:
Type (optional) Air/water mixture, dry
Water pump (optional) «Calpeda» NMD 25/190 (4кВт), НВП-1/160М (11 кВт)
Chassis type Tracked bogies connected by axles
Travel speed, km/h 0–1,8
Travel motor power, kW 45 (variable), 50 (permanent)
Gradeability, deg. 12
Specific pressure of caterpillars on the ground, kPa 120
Leveling system:
Number and location of jacks 2 side, 1 rare
Operator’s cab:
Functions control Electro-hydraulic
Air conditioner Yes
Climate heating system Yes
Illumination (LED):
Lamp type and quantity LED lighting: 6 spotlights (50W), 8 lights (30W)
Overall dimensions, for a machine with 8.2 m rods:
Height (with raised mast), m 16,5
Height (with lowered mast), m 6,5
Length (with lowered mast), m 16,4
Length (with raised mast), m 10,8
Width, m 6,4
Working conditions:
Ambient temperature range, °C -40…+40 (production in northern version possible)
The main technical parameters of the drilling rig СБШ-250-32 “Universal”:
Main parameters:
Type of drilling Rotational
Rock hardness according to the scale of M. M. Protodyakonov up to 20
Drill rod diameter, mm 180, 203, 219
Drilling diameter, mm 215–250
Drill rod length, m 8,2–10
Number of rods in the separator, pcs 3
Travel speed, km/h 0–1,8
Feed force, t 30
Well depth (total), m 32–38
Mast angle for inclined drilling (range and pitch) 0–30°, step 5°
Operating weight of the drilling rig, t 85–90
Feeding system, two hydraulic cylinders:
Down feed speed , m/min 15
Up feed speed, m/min 15
Feed stroke, m 8…10
Body rotation system:
Rotator electric motor power, kW 90…120
Rotation speed, rpm 0–120
Hydraulic system:
Oil station Upgraded, increased performance with a variable axial piston pump manufactured by Bosch-Rexroth
Electrical equipment:
Type of current (optional) Variable, permanent
Supply voltage (optional), V 380/6000
Pneumatic system:
Compressor (optional) “Orel-Compressomash”, “Ukrrosmetall”, “REMEZA”
Capacity, куб/мин/давпение, bar 32/7
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