Diesel-hydraulic drilling rig СБШ-250-40ДГ “Universal”
Diesel-hydraulic drilling rig СБШ-250-40ДГ “Universal”
JSC “LMZ Universal”
More about the company
Export sales department:
    The СБШ 250-40 ДГ “Universal” (hereinafter referred to as the machine) of rotary drilling with a hydraulic drive based on Bosch Rexroth components and a Cummins QSK19 diesel engine is specially designed for drilling blast holes in rocks of various strength categories and drillability classes in open pit mining way.
    Drilling depth of 40 m with a rod of 8.5 m. The feed pressure creates a force on the bit of 270 kN. Due to the diesel drive, the autonomy of the machine is ensured and the time for its movement is reduced, which does not depend on the rewiring of quarry electrical networks.
    All technological processes – drilling, changing bits, assembly and disassembly of the drilling string – are mechanized and automated as much as possible.


  • Cummins QSK19 diesel engine;
  • hydraulic drive based on Bosch Rexroth components;
  • dry or wet dust suppression system.

The main parts of the machine:

  • caterpillar semi-rigid type;
  • platform;
  • driver’s cab;
  • mast with equipment;
  • compressor unit;
  • block of radiators for cooling working fluids.

Contents of delivery:

  • drilling rig – 1 pc.;
  • rod – 4 pcs.;
  • set of adapters – 1 pc.;
  • spare parts kit – 1 pc.;
  • operational documentation.
Parameter name Parameter value
Drilling diameter, mm 215, 250
Hydraulic feed force, kN 270
Drilling depth, m 48
Drilling angle, deg. 0–30
Feeding stroke, m 10,5
Technical performance with rock hardness on a scale of prof. Protodyakonov, m/h:
f=12-14 15
f=14-16 12
f=16-18 10
Rod length, m 9,85
The upper limit of the rotation frequency of the drilling string, rpm. 120
Rig lifting speed m/min 20
Speed of descent of the drill string, m/min, m 25
Movement speed of the machine, km/h 3,8
Climbability with lowered mast, degrees, m 12
Dust suppression Dry/wet
Engine type QSK19-C650, diesel
Engine power, kW / hp 485/650
Specific pressure of caterpillars on the ground, kg/cm2 65
Specific pressure of jack plates on the ground, kg/cm2 12
Overall dimensions with raised/lowered mast:
Length, m 10,9/15,7
Up feed speed, m/min 15
Width, m 4,95
Height, m 15,6/6,0
Machine weight, t 52-55
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