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The vertical chain bucket elevator is designed for vertical transportation of bulk small-sized, granular and powdery materials, chemically non-aggressive, with an absolute temperature not exceeding +200 ° C, and a bulk density of not more than 1.7 kg/cm, with lump sizes up to 100 mm.
The elevator consists of a drive, a drive head with a shaft and an asterisk, a tensioner with a tension wheel. The working body is enclosed in a shaft, consisting of separate sections of a unified length.

Elevator traction body – chain:

  • forged sleeve, to which buckets are welded at equal distances;
  • a round link chain to which buckets are bolted at regular intervals.

The material is fed to the elevator at the tension shaft through the feed funnel. The material falls directly into the bucket and rises to the top. When the filled buckets round the drive shaft, the material is poured out of them and taken aside by the unloading chute.

Parameter name Parameter value
ЦГТ-400 ЦГТ-650 ЦГТ-650М ЦГТ-800 ЦГТ-1000
Productivity, t/h 85 370 500 640 1 000
Chain speed, m/s 1 1,15 1,15 1,1 1,1
Bucket volume, l 10 44,7 56 93 183
Buckets step, mm 320 400 400 500 640
Lifting height, max, m 35 35 35 35 30
Electric motor 4А160М6У3 4А250S6У3 4А280S6У3 4А250М6У3 АИР250М4
Installed power of the drive motor, kW 15 45 75 90 90
Gearbox Ц2У-250-31,5 1Ц2У40040 Ц2Н-450-40 Ц2Н-500-50 1Ц3Н-500-100
Ratio 31,5 40 40 40 100
Rotation frequency, rpm 1 000 985 1 000 1 000 1 500
Auxiliary drive gear motor
gear motor
gear motor
gear motor
Output shaft speed, rpm 56
Rated torque on the output shaft, Nm 510
Power, kW 3
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