Emulsion preparation unit
Emulsion preparation unit
Branch of UPE "Niva" - "Mining Equipment Plant"
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The automatic emulsion preparation unit is designed to prepare an emulsion used as a working fluid in the hydraulic systems of mine powered roof supports, as well as lubricating and cooling liquids for metalworking machines.
The unit is manufactured in UHL climatic version of placement category 5 according to GOST 15150-69.

The unit provides the following functions in automatic or manual mode:

  • Display of the actual concentration of the prepared emulsion on the screen of the operator panel, taking into account the correction factor of the refractometer (it differs for different types of concentrate);
  • Alignment of the actual concentration in relation to the specified one after mixing by adding the necessary component (water or concentrate) both automatically and manually;
  • Monitoring and registration of pH values and electrical conductivity of the prepared emulsion during the process flow in automatic mode in the range from 1 to 14 and from 100μS/cm to 2000μS/cm, respectively;
  • Display of free usable volume in all containers.
Parameter name Parameter value
Installation productivity, not less than, m3/h (l/min) 4(67)
Nominal capacity of the tank for the preparation and storage of the emulsion, l 2000
Nominal capacity of the concentrate tank, l 200
Productivity of the pump for filling concentrate from drums, m3/h (l/min) 3(50)
Rated flow of the emulsion circulation pump, m3h (l/min) 25(416)
Productivity of the concentrate supply pump for mixing, m3/h (l/min) 0,54(9)
Electric motor power, kW:
drum concentrate filling pump 1,1
concentrate feed pump for mixing 1,5
emulsion concentration pump 5,5
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