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Drying drum BN 3.2-22N is part of a drying plant designed for heat treatment of potassium chloride concentrate cake at sylvinite concentrating plants in the mining industry.
The drying drum is supplied with purchased electrical equipment for voltage 380/660V.

Parameter name Parameter value
Case outer diameter, mm, not less than 3 200
Drum length, mm, no more 22 500
Drum rotation frequency, rpm 6
Drying principle direct flow
Work process continuous
Product temperature at the inlet, °C 20 to 30
Product melting point, °C 730
Температура продукта на выходе, °С ∼90
Drum capacity for dry product, t/h, not less than 120
Max of materials
simultaneously located in the drum, taking into account sticking, kg
50 000
Drum nozzle (on the loading side), m
screw (lift angle 60 degrees) 1,5
blade 15,7
sector 4
Drive power consumption, kW, no more 160
Gearbox Ц2-630-28-11
Drive motor ВАО2-280М4
Weight, kg, no more 155 000
– length 24 500
– width 5 800
– height 4 900
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